Southern Ontario Brown Trout Fishing

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Ontario Brown Trout


Ontario is home to a wide variety of trout, including the rare Aurora trout.  But one of the popular fish that is loved by fishermen is the brown trout.  They are relatively easy to catch as they rise easily to the surface when there is a dry fly, and they also chase after a streamer that it is no wonder they are that easy to catch.  But just because they are easy to catch does not mean that it will be THAT easy to catch them.  They are finicky eaters that you have to choose the best bait for them.


Baits for Brown Trout


There is not one definite technique for you to catch a brown trout.  It will be a trial and error if you are a first-timer fisherman.  You have to experiment with a lot of baits because, like stated above, they are choosy eaters.  But never fear, once you get what they love to eat, it will be easy to catch them.  Here are some of their foods that you can use as baits:

1.Insects like ants and beetles as well as gnats are one of their favorites.  You can also use caterpillars and inch worms.

2.They are carnivorous fishes so you can also use a tiny fish as bait as well as crayfish.

3.You can also use frogs as baits.

Techniques for Catching Brown Trout


1.If you are going to try fly fishing to catch brown trout, then do so in a gentle manner that the fly contacts the water gently lest it scares the fishes away.

2.Brown trout are night feeders, so it is also best if you fish for them at night when they are feeding.

3.The best brown trout can also be found in quiet waters where there are a lot of logs.  Trees and bushes that have leaves and branches hanging over the water’s edge is also a perfect fishing ground for brown trout.  Brown trout are also fond of hiding beneath rock shelves, so you have to watch out for rock shelves when you are out fishing.


Best Spots in Southern Ontario for Fishing Brown Trout


The best spots to catch brown trout are mostly in Southern Ontario like in Humber River and Sydenham River.  They can also be found in the shores of Saugeen River and Credit River as well as the Nottawasaga and Ganaraska Rivers and Grand and Speed Rivers.


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