Ontario Walleye Tips

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Ontario Walleye Fishing


Ontario’s freshwaters is home to a breed of fish called walleyes, otherwise known as pickerel even though pickerel are a complete different species all together.  These fish grow to as much as 30 inches (75 cm) in length and up to 15 pounds (7 kg) in weight.  They can live for decades, with the females having observed to grow larger than their male counterparts do.


The dorsal side walleyes are olive in color, and their flanks have varying degrees of gold and their bellies are white.  They are a close cousin of saugers and can be distinguished by the absence of the black dotted markings on the caudal and dorsal fins sported by their kin.  Instead, walleyes have distinctive white markings on the lower part of their caudal fin while their dorsal fin has a black rear base.


Walleyes are light sensitive, and because of this, they generally feed when the sun is absent.  That is, during dusk and dawn, at night, and on cloudy weather.  Known to be strong fighters, they stay deep and put up a challenging battle.

Seasonal Activity


Spring is when anglers find the most number of walleyes in the water.  They are most abundant in the river areas where they conduct their spawning activities, and they typically stay near and around that area for some time.  The best baits to use during this time are crank baits, minnows, and jig baits.  For best results, do your fishing during low light periods.


In the summer months, walleyes dwell along green weeds.  They use these plants as cover, so they can ambush their prey.  Increase your odds by fishing near thick weed beds.  The lure type most suited for this season are buck tail jig for their sleekness.  Live baits have proven to be effective as well.  Examples of such are earthworms, minnows, leeches, and crayfish.


The best time to catch huge sizes of walleyes is during the autumn season.  The drop in water temperature is a signal for them to start trolling for food and increase their feeding activity.  A rather large concentration usually gather near river mouths, points, and humps on the main lake, so do your fishing in these areas.  For better success, schedule your fishing during the twilight hours.


Final Note


Take time to understand the art of reef fishing.  Walleyes tend to gather in these areas no matter what the season.  Keep in mind that when walleyes spawn they prefer light currents and gravel bottoms.


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