Fishing Ontario's Aurora Trout

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Ontario Aurora Trout


Ontario used to be the only place where aurora trout were located, and they are commonly found in Whitepine Lake and Whirlgig Lake.  These lakes, in turn, are found in Northeastern Ontario.  But due to acid rain, they nearly disappeared.  Because of this, in the late 1980s, they were enlisted as endangered species and fishing for aurora trout was prohibited.  With the help of fish culturing, the population of the aurora trout once again increased so they were introduced back to the Whitepine and Whirlgig.  Due to the success of the reintroduction of the aurora trout to these two lakes, they were also introduced to ten other lakes where they began breeding and increasing in population.


Wonderful Locations for Aurora Trout Fishing


Aside from the two lakes above, they can also be found now in Carol Lake and Tyrrell Lake of Gogama as well as Liberty Lake of Temagami where they were introduced there in 2005.  In 2006, they were restocked in Pallet Lake, Big Club Lake and Nayowin Lake (also of Gogama).  By 2007, they were also introduced to Wynn Lake and Borealis Lake as well as Timmins Lake.

But before you fish for aurora trout in these areas, there are things you have to know first:


1.Live bait fishing is prohibited so as not to introduce other kinds of species into the lakes that are not native to it and to preserve its ecology.

2.You are limited to only one catch of aurora trout per day.  Catch and Release is prohibited as well.  Once you have caught an aurora trout, you have to stop fishing for more on that day.  If you would like to fish for one more, you can do so on the second day but you have to eat the fish first before you are allowed to fish for another aurora trout as you can only have one aurora trout in your possession.


Tips for Fishing for Aurora Trout


1.It is best to fish for an aurora trout during the morning, but no later than 30 minutes past 10 in the morning, and this is only on summers.  You can also easily catch them when the water is very calm and the sky is very clear.  If there is a change in condition, it will be harder to catch them.

2.Aurora trout are nearer the surface of the water when it is spring, but if you love to fish in deeper waters, then it is best to do them when the temperature is a bit higher.  In summertime, for example, they go deeper into the lake.


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