Catch Your Largest Rainbow Trout in Lake Superior, Ontario

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Lake Superior Fishing


If you are tired of your friends mocking you about the size of the fish that you are catching, then it is time to move on to another location that boasts of a bigger prize.  Fortunately, in Ontario, you have the perfect place to go rainbow trout fishing

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is part of the Great Lakes and is considered the largest of them all.  This is a freshwater lake that boasts of varied species of animals and fish.  One of them is the rainbow trout.  This place also offers a lot of recreational activities to locals and visitors alike.  Some of them are canoeing and wildlife viewing.  You can also enjoy camping, hiking and swimming in Lake Superior as well.  But for avid fishermen, this is a good place to catch rainbow trout. 

Fishing in Lake Superior

Before you cast your line in Lake Superior, you have to know first that live bait is prohibited in this area.  This is to prevent species not native to Lake Superior from mixing in with the native fishes and breeding in Lake Superior, which can cause an imbalance in its ecosystem.

Rainbow Trout

You can catch rainbow trout in two ways, by bait casting and by fly fishing.  For bait casting, you will need rods, reels, lines, and lures.  The best lures for a rainbow trout are spinners and bait.  For fly fishing, you will also need rods and a fly. 

You have to take care though when you are fishing for rainbow trout as they can be mean fighters and will try to wrestle away from you as they are typically strong.  They also have good sense of smell and are sensitive when it comes to wriggling insects on water.  Rainbow trout, unlike brook trout, have a preference for faster-moving and open waters with temperatures of about 0 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Tips and Techniques for Catching Rainbow Trout

1.It does not hurt if you try to study them first before casting your line.  You have to know its habits so as to know when the good time to cast your line is.  Also, by watching their habit, you will know what kind of food they usually eat and what time they usually eat, and by knowing so, you will maximize the potential to catch a big rainbow trout.

2.Since they have a keen sense of sight and smell, you have to wriggle your bait every so often to attract them since they can easily sense the movement of their preys.


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