Ontario Ice Fishing - On The Move

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 Many ice fishing anglers who visit Ontario have a favourite spot. Everyone has a favourite spot when it comes to fishing and during the winter season it’s no different from the rest of the year. What makes a favourite spot a favourite spot? Is it the size of the fish? How about the quantity? Is it located in an easily accessible location? Is it close to home or at a distant hard to reach location only you know about? Is it because the scenery is stunning and surrounding environment pure? Whatever the reason many of these hold true for return ice fishing anglers in Ontario. But are your favourite spots producing for you during the ice fishing season? If the answer is no then now is the time to take a good hard look at your favourite spot.

Many anglers will return to the same fishing locations year after year. Mixed results usually accompany frequent visits to the same spots. Most anglers hold true to what they know or have experienced in the past albeit with varied results hoping for that one bonanza that will make things exceptional. If you find this happening to you then maybe now is the time to seek a new location. Often times anglers can't tell if they are in a rut from frequenting the same location time and time again. Searching for the next goldmine may be as simple as relocating to another spot on the lake or can be as drastic as moving to another lake altogether.

With thousands of hard water lakes to fish in Ontario it won't be too hard to find a new favourite spot. Doing some simple homework always pays off especially when it comes to ice fishing. One of the most popular habits by summer anglers is to fish the same lake during the winter months. Using the soft water season to learn the lakes structure, depths, points, drop offs and weed beds is the best research you can possibly do and will definitely give you an edge locating a favourite spot in the winter.

Every lake in Ontario is different than the next. Some lakes are winter producers and some are summer producers and these conditions can change on a year to year basis. Using other sources of information such as lake charts, topographic maps, satellite imagery and even local gossip can play a large role in getting to that right spot. If you are lucky enough to be at a lodge then make it a habit to always listen to the owner’s advice as well as your guide. While you may be content with your success rate on any given day these knowledgable folks can steer you to many different areas that may surpass your expectations.

Be flexible during the Ontario ice fishing season. Don't get fixated on just one location and just as the fish will move so should you.


 This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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