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 Ontario Ice Fishing


With the days of autumn slowly giving way to the longer nights and colder temperatures a new fishing opportunity presents itself for Ontario anglers. Ice Fishing. As winter sets in and our northern lakes begin to freeze many anxiously prepare for the next fishing season. Ice huts emerge from storage, augers are primed and tested after an eight month sleep and rods and tackle are given the once over.

The excitement finally begins on that special day when the warm winds and slow currents succumb to the crunch of snow under boots and a brisk northwest wind on your face. During the winter months Ontario is blessed with frozen gold in just about every corner of the province. There is nothing more exhilarating than pulling a fish through the ice. For most anglers who visit Ontario during the frozen season they will attest that the experience is just as amazing as the rest of the seasons.

Because of Ontario's northern climate and central location there can be large variances in fishable lakes and lake conditions. The farther regions of the province will generally experience much colder temperatures and will offer frozen lakes much sooner than those located farther south. Many outfitters and lodges post lake conditions on websites and in printed publications so finding a lake that is ready to fish is relatively simple.

Many anglers who crave the winter bite are also extremely knowledgeable about ice fishing and prepare solely for certain fish species. Hauling a northern pike, whitefish or lake trout through the hole on a frozen lake is simply an outstanding experience that should be experienced by all anglers. Many outfitters in the province supply all the necessary equipment, maintain fish huts and offer transportation on and off the lakes.

Give yourself a break this winter and get back into your fishing groove by experiencing the excitement that Ontario ice fishing has to offer.


This article was written by the
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group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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