Ontario Fishing - So Many Reasons

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Ontario Angling

Are you still looking for more reasons to explore the world class fishing that the province of Ontario has to offer? How about some of these: Scenery, Stunning, Outstanding, and World Class are a few words that come to mind. Ontario is blessed with year round beauty and fishing. And talk about lakes. Thousands of lakes. From urban centres to far remote settings you will never run out of places to wet a line.

Looking to land a big trophy fish on your next adventure? Ontario boasts some of the largest freshwater fish species on the continent. Size definately does count but the fight is what most anglers desire. Globally renowned for our aggressive fish you will definately be amazed at the complete quality Ontario has to offer.

Ontario's central location means thousands of opportunities for crossborder anglers to take advantage of our resorts and lodges. Looking for that true northern adventure? Many Ontario fishing lodges operate remote fly in services to hundreds of pristine lakes and rivers. In these remote areas the only traffic jams you'll see are under the water. Many visitors can honestly boast their personal best fish were lures from Ontario waters and that northern Ontario is definatley a land of 1,000 casts and 900 fish.

Our diverse fish species is what allows Ontario to stand alone amongst global fishing hotspots.

Large varieties of trout bring thousands of anglers north each year. Catching a trout on a handmade fly or an inline spinner is what fishing stories are made of. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a trout splash right out of the water during a tenacious battle.

Two of the most aggressive and possible the most famous Ontario fish species are the Northern Pike and the Muskie. Although two different species these northern water wolves lie in the weeds waiting to ambush their prey, Hard hitting and energetic these monsters grow to well over 30 pounds on a regular basis and are found in over 70 percent of the lakes and river systems. Having the proper equipment and tackle is essential in landing one of these beasts.

A tradition held by many anglers year after year is the shore lunch. From fishing with family and friends to a guys remote guided outing there is nothing that can compare to your catch cooked right on shore. To experience a shore lunch is one of the greatest pleasures anglers seek.

With so many lodges, fly ins, resorts, outfitters and drive in opportunities it is no wonder why Ontario gains popularity with anglers year after year, Come and enjoy exploring thousands of locations and remember to book early. There is nothing worse than being shut out of a lifetime angling adventure.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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