Featured Fish - Smallmouth Bass

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Where to Find Them - Commonly found in Ontarios thousands of lakes, creeks, ponds and river systems the smallmouth bass are found in abundance thoughout the moderate waters of Ontario. Unlike its cousin the largemouth bass the smallmouth are more abundant in open water areas and are known for their scrappy fighting action not uncommon to its cousin the largemouth.

Size is Everything - Ontario is home to some pretty big largemouths and average sizes of 1 to 2 pounds can be found on a regular basis with larger 5-8 pound lunkers netted quite frequently.

What Works - Popular lures and techniques are also sonewhat similar to the largemouth. Soft plastic lures such as tubes, powerworms and grubs are extremely effective and even inline spinners will produce active
smallies. Spinnerbaits of various sizes and colours are another favorite among Ontario anglers.

Carolina Rig

Technique and Tackle - A variety of techniques will work for smallies in most of the water bodies in Ontario. Flipping and twitching just through shallow cover, under docks, wooden structure and rocky areas are sure to produce many explosive strikes.

Burning a classic spinnerbait through a variety of depths is also a very effective technique. Be sure to adjust the weight and blade style of your spinnerbait to reflect the depth of water. Other popular smallie lures are crankbaits, texas or carolina rigged softplastics and a variety of jigs.

A large combination of tackle can be used on for Smallmouth fishing in Ontario Canada the most popular being spinning reels and 6-7 foot rod combos. Coupled with 10-18lb mono line or a variety of superlines ou are in for some serious action Ontario Smallmouth Fishing.


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