Catch More Fish In Ontario

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Catch More Fish In Ontario

Really. We're not kidding. Every angler on the face of the planet wants to catch more fish and in
Ontario it's no exception. Knowledge is everything. Knowing you lures and equipment is great but
here's a few tips that should be followed that have helped Ontario anglers for years:

Keep your hands clean - Fish have an uncanny sense of smell. If your hands are contaminated with things like gasoline, bug repellent and cigarettes these will be transferred in the handling of
your lures. If a fish senses a smell that is off it sure isn't going to be interested in biting.
Keep your hands free of these ordours by washing them frequently or rubbing some forage on them
and you'll increase your odds of landing a fish.

Weather - Research forecasts at your destination. Not just what's coming up but what the trends
have been for the last few weeks. Use it to your advantage and learn more about weather patterns,
barometric pressure and cold fronts.

Moon Phases - Moon phases have a specific impact on fish and when they feed. Many anglers agree hat moon phases play an important role but science still hasn't provided a specific reason as
to the why's, how's and when's. Moon phase calendars are readily available and your next outing
can be setup around the best times.

Local Chat - If possible talk to as many of the locals in the area as possible. Why? These people
live there are know the area. Shop and lodge owners seem to always have the best knowledge of the prime areas as they deal with more anglers coming off the waters and are informed on almost a daily basis of what was caught and when. Make a few friends along the way and you'll see that this local knowledge can pay off in spades for you.

Time Management - Every angler dreams of extended periods on the water but in reality the time
is short. Too short for us and using time management tips for your gear is essential in making
the most of your time on the water. Organize your tackle box before you head out and only take
what you need. There is no bigger time waster than fumbling through your gear looking for something that should have been made readily available beforehand. Use tackleboxes or baitbags with easy access compartments and organize them by species, types of lures and the ones you are going to use the most on that outing.

Using a few of these tips will most definately guarantee you more fish. By taking the time to
do some quick research and organizing your gear greatly increases your chances of success out
on the water.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

Copyright 2007. Ontario Fish Trips .

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