Topwater Northerns

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Topwater Pike Lures

Nothing is more exciting and beautiful than watching a fish explode on a topwater lure. Watching a giant splash and a tail in the air with a generous thump on your line is simply spectacular.Hearing the drag scream on your reel as you watch the ripples on the water from the sudden attack gets any anglers heart racing. Largemouth Bass in Ontario are probably the most famous fish when discussing top water baits and fishing but the mighty Northern Pike is also known to have an
appetite for top water lures.

Most pike anglers in Ontario will attest that large bucktails, inline spinners, buzzbaits, soft plastics, spoons and even large spinnerbaits will land you a pretty nice northern using a variety of tactics. Northerns are an amazing species to fish, not only because of their huge appetite but because of the large variety of lures and bait that can catch them. This is why in certain conditions a topwater lure should not be overlooked and every angler should have at least a few options available to use
in their tacklebox.

Location, speed and presentation are key factors in determining the right topwater bait for northerns. Weedless frogs are excellent when tossed in heavy cover and worked slowly though weeds and lily pads.

Others such as buzzbaits are great when presented parallel to shallow weedbeds and ripped at a variety of speeds. Floating jerkbaits are a great choice and must be presented in a walk the dog fashion with a variety of speeds. Jerkbaits come in a variety of sizes and it's recommended to get some of the larger models. Colour plays an important role so be sure to choose patterns and colours of known baitfish that inhabit the area.

Muskie topwater lures are also a popular choice for coaxing out large northern pikes from weedbeds and cover. Common choices are large double treble hook twitch baits, floating poppers and topraiders are just a few worth mentioning.

Keeping this topwater option available will greatly increase your success when fishing for Ontario northern pike and should be used when the right conditions apply.  


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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