We All Fall For Walleye

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Ontario Walleye

Ontario not only boasts stunning fall scenery in the months of September and October but also boasts some of the best walleye fishing in the world. With the autumn colours in full bloom it is time to put away those summer walleye fishing tactics and change to the next season with its water temperature changes and the way walleye behave and act. This doesn't make them any harder to catch, in fact most Ontario anglers will say that the fall brings the best walleye bite there is provided you make a few modifications to your angling style.

Light levels are the biggest factor to be considered when catching autumn walleye. With the sun coming up later and going down earlier there is considerable less ambient light and this definately affects walleye feeding habits but they are nonetheless still hungry but the variety of choices changes.

With the live bait selection dwindling due to the changes in weather we've found over the years that nothing works better then minnows and reflective jig heads. Most bait shops in the province will still stock minnows but it's the medium sized minnows that we've found work the best as opposed to larger ciscos and shiners during the summer months. Using a standard reflective jig head with minnows baited through the lower and upper lip should keep the walleye biting
as their appetite for these live baits progress with the onset of the cold weather and reduced feeding oportunities.

Another favorite of many seasoned Ontario anglers is the good old Lindy Rig. Not only because it works great getting your bait down to the depths where the fish are but also becuase the bait has room to freely move around letting a more natural presentation which drives 'big eyes' crazy. The longer your snell leader the more movement your bait will have which will definately put a few of these tasty 'eyes' on in your shore lunch pan or on the dinner table.

Don't forget about some of the old standard crankbaits when hunting fall walleyes. Just about anything resembling a minnow will do such as the Wally Diver, Frenzy Flicker Shads and others are proven lures when trolling mid depth water.

Not only is the scenery beautiful this time of year but so are the fish so take advantage of everything Ontario has to offer during the autumn season and you will find that it is probably the most productive and rewarding time of the year for Ontario walleye fishing.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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