Lure Selection for Weedy Bass

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Lure Selection for Weedy Bass

Almost every Ontario bass angler dreams of scrapping it out with a trophy sized lunker.
In Ontario the favorite habitat for largemouth bass are weeds. Lots of them. Find the weeds
and you'll find the fish. People often talk about what kind of structures there are,
irregular weedlines, breaklines, weed types, points and reefs but it's finally time to
talk about what are your best options to toss into them. Every angler knows weeds are
tough to fish. Use the wrong lure and you'll be pulling in cabbage most of the day.

So what are some of the better choices to get a lure infront of a bass and not snagged
in a clump of coontail? Many types of lures can be used in Ontario weedy water for bass.
For aggresive largemouths many anglers choose topwater baits such as buzzbaits, swimming
frogs and walk the dog types. Most effective in lower light situations these lures are
typically cast behind or just infront of weedlines working them slowly to the depths.

Crankbaits and monnowbaits are just as effective when presented in these conditions and
lipless crankbaits really excel when worked and ripped through open gaps just above the weeds.
Worried about getting snagged with crankbaits? Don't. Sometimes this ripping action can
reward you with a reaction strike so don't be dissapointed if you get the occasional snag.

Among the favorites and in just about every bass anglers tacklebox is the spinnerbait.
Perfect for fishing weedy areas the spinnerbait offer versatility like no other lure.
Being almost completely weed resistant yo can cast these lures with confidence into many
areas where other lures can't. Some favorite techniques with spinnerbaits are helicopter
falls, yo yo and twitch retrieves as well as slow burns just above the weeds.

A wide variety of softplastics and rigging hooks give you even more advantages when
targetting bucketmouths. Grubs, lizards, paddletails, tubes and powerworms when texas
rigged offer the ultimate weedless solutions for many. Simply flipping many of these
lures into deep weed pockets with a slow drag and pause retrieve will get your lure
infront of many fish.

Working a variety of the above mentioned baits and techniques on 10-12lb mono line with
a stiff rod and high reel ratio will almost guarantee many tightlines and fish on your


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

Copyright 2007. Ontario Fish Trips .

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