Ontario Largemouth Bass Covering Up

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Largemouth Bass

Not uncommon to the characteristics of their southern cousins Ontarios largemouth bass
population are covering up. Hiding in the cover.

Most Ontario anglers will tell you that where there is cover there are bass. Blessed
with rugged shorelines Ontario lakes provide bass with ideal cover and hiding spots.

Weather conditions play a large role in determining where the largemouth are hiding as
well as water temperature, baitfish and nesting grounds, While many more scientific
factors can determine the habits of bass we won't delve into that aspect in this article.

Trophy bass can be found throughout the central and southern parts of the province. Common
spots and cover for Ontario bass are boatdocks, lilypads, overhung and sunken trees,
laydowns, brushpiles and beaver lodges.

Lure selection is crucial for each distinct cover and habitat area and it is not uncommon
for bass anglers to have 4-5 rigged for a variety of situations and cover. Cast an inline
spinner into a group of lilypads and you'll know what we mean.

Spinnerbaits, soft plastics, inline spinners and even flies are some of the most proven
lures when fishing for Ontario largemouths. Leaving yourself open to condition and
habitat changes and variance as well as a well stocked tackle box drastically increase
your chances of landing that trophy bucketmouth.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

Copyright 2007. Ontario Fish Trips .

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