Trophy Autumn Ontario Fishing

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Fall Fishing

Softly a brilliant orange maple leaf drifted past me as I cast my bucktail adjacent to
a still lush weedbed. Fall had set in and the bite was on, only only for the fish but
for those who had patiently waited for the hot muggy days of summer to pass.

Our destination for the weekend was a river and marsh system north of the Bancroft area
well known for its abundance of trophy sized Northern Pike, With my two companions
fighting for gear space in our rented 16 foot aluminum boat I could only anticipate the
hard hit of a hungry jackfish on my lure as they foraged the waters before the cold winter
set in.

Trolling slowly parallel to a long winding bed of weeds my buddies were placing wagers
over which would be the better lure of the day. Looking downward and calculating my next
cast I slowly burned my colorado bucktail over the receding weeds just at a drop off
point. With the blade barely turning no less than 25 feet from the boat I witnessed a sharp
flash as something struck my bucktail with a voracious thump. As I pulled back sharply
to set the trble hooks a tail flew vertically above the water only to dissapear. I knew
then that I had a missed hit. Stopping my retrieve I let my lure sink to a 5 count before
slowly picking up the slack. As I was preparing to return my lure and prepare for my next cast
I was surprised with another flash and a thump less than 6 feet from our boat. Not wanting
another miss I hesitated for a few secons before launching my rod upwards.

Success! Diving under the boat I knew I had the same northern on my line and was
determined not to lost it. I turned my head and was delighted to see one of my cohorts
with the net already in hand. 'I saw it hit the first time and knew he was gonna follow
it to the boat, bring him in!'. The excitement level on the boat had skyrocketed.

After the powerful northern had ran the boat 2 more times and I was confident it was worn
down and I finally brought the fish into position with cheers and claps echoing across
the still waters as my prize hit the floor of the boat.

As I hoisted my prize of 14lbs and 38inches out of the net my eyes focussed on another
red maple leaf slowly drift by me. I now had my lure selection for the day finished.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

Copyright 2007. Ontario Fish Trips .

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