Ontario Largemouth Bass Go Soft

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Soft Plastic Lures

Plastic that is. Soft plastic. With the latest advancement in lure technology come some
of the greatest largemouth bass lures to date. While the debate still rages on over live
bait versus dead bait and lures one cannot overlook the vast variety of soft plastic lures
on the market today.

With so many presentations and styles to choose from the possibilities for Ontario bass
anglers are endless. Powerbait, Yum and Gulp and some of the most common name brands of
soft plastic manufacturers in most Ontario tackle shops but some of the smaller brands
such as Senko, Yamamoto, Bass Assassin and Strike King should not be overlooked.

Versatility with the soft plastic lure is the main attraction with anglers as they come
in thousands of styles and colours such as powerworms, grubs, crawfish, lizards, frogs
and baitfish just to name a few, Lure advancement has also brought the benefit of soft
plastic lure impregnated with scent, Many anglers will tell you about which scent they
prefer but with a huge variety to choose from it is virtually a trial and error process
for the novice angler.

With so many lures to choose from Ontario anglers benefit from many different presentation
styles for soft plastics like Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, Drop shotting, specialty
jig heads and wide gapped hooks,

The beauty of all soft plastic lures is the ability to be used anywhere, anytime and under
just about any water condition.

From casting, pitching, flipping, sinking and trolling the soft plastic lure is one of
the hottest lures when trying for trophy sized Ontario largemouth bass.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

Copyright 2007. Ontario Fish Trips .

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