Chinook Salmon

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 Chinook Salmon

In Ontario waters Chinook Salmon share many resemblances to 2 other fish species mainly Coho Salmon and Rainbow Trout. Stunning in colour, the Chinook is easily identified with its spotty tail and dark hues on its mouth and gum line. Beautiful silver coloured sides and a dark back make the Chinook unmistakable in the waters on Ontario.

When spawning the Chinook Salmons colours change to a rustic dark brown to purple adding to the beauty of this fish. 

Chinook Salmon range anywhere from 10 to 15lbs in the spring to over 40 lbs. The most popular time for fishing salmon in Ontario is in the summer and autumn months.


Chinook salmon, like most Pacific salmon, have a the uncanny ability to find its way home allowing them to return to their place of hatching to spawn new generations. Known for their impressive fight be prepared for your line to run hundreds of feet while fighting one of the most impressive fish in the province.

The current Ontario record for the Chinook is set at 46.38 lbs. 

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