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OFT Services

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OFT Ontario Fish Trips Services


Internet Marketing for Ontario Fishing Lodge and Resort Owners

"We find faces for your empty spaces"


Welcome to the newest and most user friendly Ontario Canada fishing portal on the internet. is designed and maintained by professional webmasters with deep passions for angling. Let OFT highlight your fishing lodge, resort, fly in, cottage or guided fishing service in the beautiful province of Ontario. We send you the valuable referrals that no other Ontario fishing related website can. Our website traffic is designed to reach out a demographic profile that convert into bookings for you. Don't just settle for a link on a poorly designed webpage that isn't optimized for top billing. Ontario Fish Trips spends valuable tiime and resources working with all of our advertisers to maximize exposure and visitors for them using. Our custom solutions set us apart from the rest. 

Designed for top ranking in the internet search engines OFT provides anglers searching for that special Ontario fishing getaway with a comprehensive directory of locations divided into four regions. As well, OFT also excels in articles and tips by our resourceful pro staff to enhance our users experience. Interactive lake maps, photo galleries and useful information make Ontario Fish Trips stand out from the rest of the crowd. Does your current website or advertiser have over 1,000 keyword phrases indexed and ranked in the major search engines? We didn't think so.

Our unique listing services are designed to deliver you those propective clients you are looking for. Our listing prices are the lowest in the industry and deliver the most for your dollar. How much are highly targetted propective clients worth to your business? 

Why list your business with OFT?

Simply put...Exposure. With the list of competing fishing destinations growing on a daily basis the need to be seen by your potential clients is crucial. OFT spends 90% of its operating budget towards internet promotion. Our marketing insight reveals that more and more people are using the internet to research excursions into Ontario and the numbers are growing on a daily basis. Understanding how these vital components work and maximizing their potential brings potential clients to OFT who are actively researching their next fishing trip to Ontario and not tire kickers looking for miscellaneous fishing information.

Why We're Tops.

Easy. We send the best related traffic to you. Since the launch of our website we've grown and over taken the pack that charge large amounts of money for little or no traffic. Our repeat listngs and clients reflect this statement. You will not find a better cost effective means of advertising your lodge, resort or outfitter. Our website value and TOP positioning in Alexa rankings show that we're not the new kid on the block anymore. Now do you see why we're cost effective? Does your website get this amount of visitors each and every day? See for yourself:


Different advertising options and listings are available to your business. They are:

1. Basic paid listing in your Regional Category.

2. Featured listing in our Featured Section. Relegated to only 15 advertisers this section will prove to be the most viewed past of our website. Providing a fully detailed listing and description of your business, facilities and location it is a highly preferential option.Our renewals reflect the value of this top website real estate and we are proud to serve one of the most effective review services and content writing anywhere.

3. Banner advertising. Based on 468X60 and 120X240 graphical banners and are run on 3, 6 and 12 month lengths. You won't find better site wide exposure anywhere for the price.

Banner Impression Pricing

Contact Us for Pricing and Options

If your business does not have an advertising banner the staff at OFT can design one for you at an additional cost.
Contact Us for more details. Banners are on an evenly rotating system to ensure your business is visible throughout our website.

Listing Prices

Contact Us for Listing Pricing and Availability

Value Added No Charge Extras

Experience the OFT difference. Once you sign up with OFT in any capacity we offer these little extras free of charge that you won't find on any other fishing portal.

1. Last Minute Specials - Send us your deals and specials throughout the year. We'll be happy to update your specials on an ongoing basis at no extra charge.

2. Ontario Lakes and Fish Species Map - Our interactive research map stands out from the pack. We list your operation on the appropriate lake, river or water body with your website URL and information embedded.

3. Picture Gallery - Send us your 'Big Fish' or 'Fishing Trip of a Lifetime' photo's and we'll give you added exposure by adding them to our photo galleries. We embed your logo into the picture giving you extra added exposure.

With the rise in the Canadian dollar and the projected economic shortfalls in the United States now is the time to ensure your business is prominent and visible in many places on the internet. With a forecast decrease in US tourists you know the importance of having your business front and centre to attract those crucial out of province visitors.

Ontario Fish Trips offers professional website promotion and maintenance services to help expand your business and gain you more exposure on the world wide web. Gain valuable clients and potential customers by being available and showcasing your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Complement your existing print advertising with a website your potential customers can access at their own leisure and discover the impact a well designed and marketed website can do for your growing business. Has your existing website aged? Let OFT bring your website and business to life with a new design, reliable hosting and proven strategies that will expand your horizons. 


Specific OFT Services:


  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Promotion
  • Link Building
  • Traffic Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising Brochures and Print
  • Online Photo Galleries
  • Cpanel Website Hosting
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Campaign) Management
  • Content and Copywriting
  • Keyword Analysis and Optimization
  • Logo Design and Redesign
  • Corporate Identity Kits
  • Web Support and Training
  • Business Card Design and Printing

Tired of the same old same old? Are you currently using a web design platform that is the same as your competitors? Does your website look almost identical to those who compete with you? Striving for a market share is not easy these days. Don't get sucked in with automated websites that have the same content, features and keywords that your competitors use. The first rule of thumb in this marketplace is to be unique. Let OFT showcase your unique business, lodge, resort and outfit with a website that stands out from the crowd, not get lost in it.

Contact Us today for more information about any of our starter packages or specific services and we will be glad to meet with you to discuss your business strategy.

Terms and Conditions:

All advertising campaigns, banner, basic listing and featured listings will not be implemented until payment has been made in full. To ensure the best possible service any campaign taken out by any advertiser will be sent via email to proof prior to going live on the Ontario Fish Trips website. Campaigns will not start until full payment has been received and payment has cleared. This ensures that paying clients receive the best possible exposure and non paying clients or late payments will be removed from our website and reinstated once payment has been received. For Featured Listing advertisers if you default on our 4 week maximum payment timeframe your listing will go to the bottom of the order. This also applies to Basic Listings as well. Banners will be suspended and reinstated once payment has been received.

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