Lake Trout

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Lake Trout Species


Ontario lake trout are known as coldwater fish. Inhabiting cold clear waters most lakers are landed by trolling deep with spoons or jigs. Known for its fiesty nature a lake trout will take a lure and head straight for the bottom.


Being a cold water species it is widely known that lakers head deep and one must do so as well to land one of these beautiful fish. The most common practices are deep water trolling with heavy gear such as a medium to heavy rod with tough leaders and high quality line. Trolling at a slow rate is key when trying to get your lure infront of a lake trout.

Lake trout averages in Ontario are between 5 to 10 lbs in most lakes including the Great Lakes but are not uncommon in smaller deep lakes as well. The Ontario record is 63 pounds.

With an endless supply of different spoons to choose from it is imperative that once a laker 'hits' to ensure that the hook is set hard and prepare for a fight as the sheer depth will make for a long and enjoyable retrieve. See why the 'Laker' is one of Ontario's finest and most important fish in its history.

 The current Ontario record for the Lake Trout is set at 63.12 lbs. 

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