Rainbow Trout

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Rainbow Trout Species


Also known as the 'fighter' of the trout family, the unmistakable beauty of the rainbow trout cannot be missed. Powerful strikes and common topwater action are what makes the rainbow a favorite with many sportfishermen in the province.


Home in fast moving water it can be found abundantly around overcrops, banks or in fast moving currents. Living most of its life in faster water is what makes the rainbow extremely strong pound for pound.

Landing a rainbow consists of wet and dry flies, inline spinnerbaits and mini plugs. An average rainbow trout will range from 2 to 5 pounds. The record rainbow caught in Ontario is 29.12lbs.

Enjoy looking out for the highly visible spawning male with its distincive red and purple band. This beautiful fish makes many an angler happy each and every year.

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