Brook/Speckled Trout

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Brook Trout Species


The great light tackle of the trout family the Brook or Speckled trout inhabit thousands of rivers and streams in the province. Take an excursion to a river or stream and you'll find them under banks, shaded pools, under tree structure and tangles and rock buildups.



Known for its green brown shade it is dominated by beautiful track markings on its back and blue and red blots on its side. While a little light on the weight with it averaging around 1 to 2 pounds it is a great fish to catch especially on a lighter rod and reel with light 8-10lb line.

The Ontario record Brook/Speckled Trout is 14.5lbs. 

Brook trout are mainly active in springtime when the water is cool and is partial to brightly coloured lures. Flies are the most popular lure with 'brookies' but he will also hit on live bait such as worms or minnows.

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