Brown Trout

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Brown Trout Species


Introduced into Ontario water in 1913 the Brown Trout can be landed in a variety of Ontario waters. Prefering rivers and large water bodies the brown trout can also be found in streams and river outlets adjacent to larger lakes. 


Widely known as a night feeding species many anglers persue their catch after nightfall but can also be caught when the sun is in the sky as well. Bait selection is smiliar to other species of trout in the province using flies, inline spinnerbaits, coloured spoons and plugs.

On larger lakes trolling is the most popular method of landing a 'brownie' by going deep with your bait using a hard hookset to make sure you don't lose the fish on the long retrieve from the deep water.

The brown trout is usually a medium sized fish with average weights ranging from 3-8 pounds common with largers ones upwards up 20lbs. The Ontario record is set at 34lbs. 


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