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Walleye Species


One of the most sought after fish species in Ontario. Known for its great taste and fickleness for the catch is the Walleye. Also famous for the best time of day for catching them, early morning and evening.  With the advancement in fishing technology Ontario has become a haven for night walleye fishing.


Known for its oversized eyes (for night feeding), walleye usually travel in schools while out feeding. Commonly known as the 'Pickerel' they are found in stained waters at shallow depth or clear waters at deep depth. Considered a cool water species they are commonly found at the bottom in most Ontario seasons.

Sizes range from 2 to 3 pounds with the Ontario record being 22.5lbs.

Riggin and jigging, livebait and popping plugs are favorites among walleye anglers although soft plastics have made some major headway in the last few years offering up an even wider lure selection.

Walleye are probably the most heavily fished species in Ontario and are regulated strictly with the MNR. Do your part to ensure the walleye population grows and know your regulations before you go on the water. There has been a growing grassroots wave in the past few years promoting catch and release for the walleye population in order the bring its numbers back up.

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