Five Ontario Trout Fishing Tips

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Trout fishing in Canada is great. And no greater than in Ontario. Trout have become the favorite species of many anglers and it is no wonder. They reside in rivers, lakes and streams throughout the province. Native to the province there are multiple species of Trout to satisfy just about any angler.

Brook trout are popular amongst fly fisherman and traditional anglers as they can be easily caught on both types of setup, fly rods and regular rods. Brook trout can be found throughout the north and southern parts of the province. Rainbow trout remain a very popular species during the runs up streams and lakes.

Ontario has hundreds of resorts and lodges that cater to trout anglers and range from ultra modern American plan lodges to old fashioned cabins and housekeeping lodges. Which ever way you like it you'll find a spot to wet your line and get into some amazing trout fishing.

A couple of tips and factors to help you increase your catch rate throughout Ontario are as follows:

1. Leaders should be dry and free of contamination. This will help you while drifting as shadows will not cast through the water. It will also maximize your fly/lure potential in acting as natural as possible thereby providng more strikes as your lure looks like nature intented it to be.

2. Dry flies are the most common with fly rod anglers. Use currents and pools to your advantage. This takes some practice to prevent your fly from sinking. Relying on the current you can maximize your drifts to lure trout from cover, deeper ponds or pits. Practice makes perfect so don't get discouraged if you don't get the technique down on the first outing. With thousands of dry flies to choose from even master anglers will tell you it can sometimes take years to perfect.

3. Focus your energy and casting downstream. Going against the current will force you to have to much slack line that is hard to control especially in fast moving rivers and streams. Anglers should cast from one side of the stream either directly in front of them or slight downstream to maximize your lures' potential.

4. You never get a second chance at a first impression. How true this becomes when fly fishing. Presentation is everything and getting it right the first time greatly improves your odds of the fish taking your lure even if trout are suspended or deep in pools or hiding under cover.

5. Trout are like walleye and can have mood swings throughout the day. Patience is key when trout fishing. I like to use the old 10 cast rule. If I don't have a fish on after 10 casts then change up. Don't get stuck on your one favorite lure and fall in to the 'just because' category. What worked for you last week might not work for you today so be inventive, creative and don't be afraid to change it up. Changing lures and presentations can be rewarding during some of the toughest hours and stuborn fish will eventually bite with your persistance. 


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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