Smallmouth Bass

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Smallmouth Bass Species


Famously known as an explosive fighter the Smallmouth Bass inhabits most of the waters in Ontario. Typically found in clearer water than its brother the Largemouth, the 'smalley' will often inhabit still and moving water.


Extremely picky about its surroundings the smallmouth likes clear unpolluted water and is very picky. Most commonly found in Ontario's north they still inhabit southern areas as far as Lake Ontario  in certain spots. In addition to natural populations, the smallmouth bass is stocked in cool rivers and lakes throughout Ontario.

Like the largemouth, 'smallies' can be landed in a variety of of different ways including spin casting, bait casting, live bait, soft plastics, inline spinners, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. You will typically encounter the smallmouth in rocky areas with gravel runout as well as in cold clear water shaded by rocks or tree structure.

Average size is 1 to 2 pounds with the Ontario record at 9.8lbs.

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