Largemouth Bass

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Largemouth Bass Species


Pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish in Ontario waters. This is what makes the mighty largemouth bass one of the most sought after gamefish in Ontario's pristine lakes. Known for its amazing fight the largemouth bass is a favorite of almost every angler who has fished in the province.


Making their home in stream shallows, under lilly pads, weedbeds, overhanging trees and structure the largemouth is spooked easily by motors making it an extremely hard fish to target.

Largemouth bass feed on a mulitude of forage and prey. It is partial to grubs, maggots, worms, small baitfish, frogs, snakes, crawfish and bugs. It is not to picky when choosing what to digest as all the before mentioned are devoured with a voracious appetite. Largemouth bass will hide in the weeds, drop offs, coontail, water cabbage and laydowns waiting to ambush an unsuspecting lure or natural bait. They are known for inhaling a lure which makes targeting this species such a pleasure.

A cousin to the Smallmouth, the Largemouth is very similar in colour and is distinguised by its huge bucket sized mouth. This large mouth makes lure sets a breeze and causes minimal tissue damage to the fish making it a strong overall species when returned to the water.

Average sizes range in the 2 to 3 pound range with the Ontario record set at 10.4 lbs.

Because the largemouth is such a versatile fish anglers are open to a wide variety of techniques for landing a northern lunker. Popular techniques are Texas Rigging a live worm or soft plastic worm and slowly retreiving it over a weed bed. In deeper water split shots or drop shots work well with Carolina rigging a popular method. 10 to 20 pound line is most common when largemouth fishing as it enables a variety of presentation options and gives you confidence to get out of snags in heavy cover.

Crankbaits and inline spinners are also a proven technique with Ontario anglers. Casting a Mepps#4 over a weedbed with a 'slow burn' retrieve has produced many respectable sized bass in the province.

With a short fishing season (around 6 months), please check your respective division for local regulations and open seasons to ensure the bass population thrives in Ontario.

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