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Ontario Carp










Carp fishing in Ontario has grown into a popular past time for many anglers and it's increasing affection has grown into many Carp fishing clubs and destinations. Carp are known to bite numerous baits but the most popular are corn balls with a hook driven right into the centre. Because of their large size the joy for many carp anglers is hearing the drag peel off a line when a hooked fish takes off heading for safety while trying to shake the hook. Carp outings can be a relaxing time while fishing from shore.

Make sure to bring your rod holders, a comfy chair and plenty of bait. Carp are numerous throughout the southern Ontario waterways and lakes. While its roots lie deep with European anglers the carp movement is slowly growing with its fiesty fight and easy catchablity.

Other lures such as worms, peanut butter dough balls, oatmeal dough balls and of course a float or bobber. Because of the large size of some of these fish we recommend a medium action rod with a spinning reel loaded with 14-20 pound braided superline.

The current Ontario Carp record is 34.46lbs

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