Yellow / Jumbo Perch

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Ontario Yellow Jumbo Perch











In Ontario Perch are abundant and in thousands of lakes and river systems. Many can recall the days when they were young of times fishing with a worm and bobber and catching hundreds of them in a day. Well, not much has changed since then and the Yellow Perch is still a great catch by anglers young and old. Perch are still highly sought after by many and ice anglers will attest to catching limits in the winter ice fishing season time and time again.

Noted for is delicious taste the Yellow Perch can reach upwards of 14 inches in length and weigh in at a hefty 1.5 pounds. 2 dorsal fins along an elongated body with 6 to 8 dark bands make it an unmistakable fish species.

Jumbo Perch are the nickname given to any Yellow Perch over 10 inches in length and Ontario is the home to the Jumbo Perch.

Native in large and small water bodies they flock to vegetation and structure which protects them from various predators. Largely a schooling fish the Yellow Perch are relatively easy to catch. Using minnows, jigs, small spoons and the time tested worm anglers will find the action fast and furious. Where you find one of these fish you will find many. Perch are a great fish when introducing kids to fishing and they will love the non stop action. Just make sure you have enough worms on hand as your supply can deplete quickly.

The current Ontario record for Yellow/Jumbo Perch is 2.25lbs




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