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Although nestled in a northen climate Ontario is truely an amazing place to fish for Largemouth Bass. Located right across the province the largemouth can be found from the southern parts of the province including the great lakes all the way up to northern lakes and rivers. Ontario's diverse watersheds and systems make for some of the best bass fishing anywhere in North America.  

Where to Find Them - Commonly found in Ontarios thousands of lakes, creeks, ponds and river systems the largemouth bass is found in abundance thoughout the moderate waters of Ontario. Unlike its cousin the smallmouth bass the largemouth are more abundant in systems providing plenty of structure, weeds and cover. They are pound for pound the heartiest of scrappers and thousands of anglers each year eagerly await the bass weekend opener which is in late June across most of the province. Please check local Ministry regulations for your area.

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Lunkers - Ontario is home to some pretty big largemouths and average sizes of 2 to 3 pounds can be found on a regular basis with larger 5-8 pound lunkers netted quite frequently. The record largemouth caught in Ontario waters is 10.4lbs.


What Works - Popular lures and techniques for the largemouth are vast and expansive. Drop into any local tackle store and you'll be amazed at the thousands of lures and combinations that are available. Popular and effective lures and rigs are softplastic worms, grubs and leeches as well as jigs coupled with chunk trailers. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, inline spinners, topwater lures, poppers and minnowbaits should be readily available in your tackle box. Lure selection can depend on water type, clarity, temperature, structure and cover. Having a good variety of lures at your disposal will definately give you the advantage when moving through different areas of lakes and rivers. Dropshotting, Splitshotting , Texas Rigging and Carolina rigging are also proven bass magnets and you should learn as many different styles as possible.

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A large combination of tackle can be used on for largemouth fishing in Ontario Canada the most popular being spinning or baitcasting reels and 6-7 foot rod combos. Coupled with 10-18lb mono line or a variety of superlines you are in for some serious action Ontario Largemouth Fishing. 


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