Choosing a Great Lakes Fishing Charter

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Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation! Those who fish are the largest group of people that enjoy recreation and their skill gives them an advantage over non-anglers who enjoy getting back to nature.
Not everyone, of course, likes any one particular fish. Some anglers love to fish for Lake Trout , others prefer Chinook Salmon and still others would rather catch Rainbow Trout . The beauty of the sport of fishing is that there is something and somewhere for everyone, no matter what their preferences. This is why so many people enjoy fishing vacations and those that prefer a more structured trip often choose a fishing charter.

Fishing charters are perfect for those who enjoy the sport but would rather not invest in all the equipment and the watercraft needed. They would rather pay someone else and use their boat than be saddled with their own that they would only use occasionally. When you add in the insurance, maintenance and repairs, a fishing charter makes a lot of sense.

Fishing charters are as different from each other as any other accommodation. There are a few things that you’ll need to know before choosing your charter. You’ll need to decide first where you’d like to go!  Lake Ontario and Lake Erie have several big charter boats and are popular spots for anglers. Georgian Bay in Lake Huron on the Ontario side is also a beautiful fishing spot with charters to rent. 

 After deciding where you want to fish, you need to find out how much it will cost. Fishing charters, like every other business, are competitive and the prices aren’t consistent from one company to the next. Be sure that you know the base fee as well as the charges for any extras you might want to take advantage of. You’ll want to ask about any deposits the charter requires or if you’ll have to sign a contract. And remember, you usually get what you pay for so any big price disparities might indicate a lack of quality or even unsafe watercraft.

How long is the trip? If you’re paying by the hour and the captain decides he’d like to get in a little fishing before returning to the dock, you’re going to have a problem unless you make it clear that his fishing is on his dime! 

And speaking to the captain, be sure that he’s competent. Any captain worth his salt won’t mind if you check his references and ask about what type of training and experience he’s had. The majority of charter captains are pleased to discuss their skills and appreciate a potential customer who bothers to educate himself before signing onto a charter.

Taking a few extra minutes of your time will ensure that you will have the fishing trips of a lifetime for you and your friends. 


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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