Northwest Ontarioís Sunset Country Ė A world class fishing experience

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Ontario Sunset Country










With early spring fishing tips to make your Sunset Country spring visit more productive

Sunset country is a great destination for any angler or anyone looking to enjoy a fun and exciting holiday. The beautiful wilderness, the lush boreal forests and the incredible fishing for Small Mouth Bass, Northern pike, Lake Trout, Walleye and Muskie are great treats. They have to be experienced to be believed. With over 100,000 lakes and rivers, there are plenty of places for fish to live and for anglers to find them! There’s also plenty of scope for water sports and other activities like kayaking, canoe trips, swimming in the wonderful clear lakes, simply boating the lake or just relaxing in front of a lakeside cottage.

Fly in fishing and remote outposts

The stay is good and the catch is great. There are great resorts and cabins to be found wherever you go; Sunset country has great Walleye fishing and also plenty of places for fly in fishing. Sunset country has a number of lodges which are reachable only by air. There are also outposts, which are great for fly in fishing and they have guides available who can lead you to the best fishing spots. Fly in outfitters will fly you into the wilderness, get you to set-up in a cabin and leave you alone to enjoy the great fishing. At remote outposts, you and those with you can fish and enjoy without being bothered by outsiders. All in all sunset country provides some great fly in fishing experiences.

It’s not just the fishing

It’s not just the wilderness and the fishing that’s great about sunset country, there are also many festivals and fairs which happen in various communities. Besides Canada day celebrations on July 1st, there are many festivals for you to go to, such as

1] The Blueberry Festival in Sioux Lookout 
2] Norseman Festival in Red Lake
3] Kenora’s Harbour fest
4] White Otter Days in Ignace
5] “Christmas in July” in Sioux Narrows
6] Atikokan’s Canoe fest
7] Moose fest in Dryden

There are also many landmarks of interest and various other attractions. Such as Husky the Muskie and Heritage Townscape Murals in Kenora, the White Otter Castle to the south of Ignace, the lighthouse at Morson and also the falls at Nestor falls.
Some communities have local museums, which possess artefacts and displays pertaining to the country’s history. A good example and a great visit is Egli’s Sheep Farm situated near the small community of Minnitaki. The various museums and also the golf courses of sunset country are great places to spend time at.

General early spring fishing tips

Early spring fishing is great in sunset country. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of spring and also fish. To get best results in early spring, find warmer waters. This is where most of the fish can be found. The best time to fish is usually when it is hottest, usually in the afternoon. It’s better to fish in smaller bodies of water. Usually shallow shires and the smaller lakes will warm faster and fish will be more active in those parts. In a large body of water, try and find small bays and canals. These places warm faster and provide fish, which are more aggressive. As fish are generally more lethargic, hence slower lure presentation is better in early spring. Jigs are an excellent way to catch most types of fish in early spring. The combination of A Lip-stick Jig and minnow is good when fish snap at the bait. Try a Fire-ball jig and minnow combination when fish seem to bite slower. A jig and Power Grub combo is the best, when the fish are aggressive. Some lures, which are effective in early spring are flipping/casting jigs, spinner baits and jerk baits.

Walleye in Sunset country!
Sunset Country Ontario Walleye Fishing










Prime among fishes in sunset country has to be the walleye; this incredibly tasty fish with glowing eyes is a perennial favourite of angler’s. Besides making for a very tasty shore lunch, it also gives the angler a good fight. And sunset country has lots of them. In springtime, walleye takes almost any bait or lure. Casting or trolling with spinners or minnow like plugs is a good technique. Jigs, either traditional bucktails, or tipped with any of the modern plastics, a piece of worm or minnow aregreat for walleye fishing. Excellent live bait to use includes leeches, minnows and earthworms. For walleye fishing, new emerging weeds are good locations, as are rocky and wooded shorelines.  Wood cluttered bottoms are great places to get walleyes in spring.

Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Lake Trout
Sunset Country Ontario Northern Pike










These are some other common targets for anglers. If walleye are not biting, try out smallies , northern pike and lake trout . Northern Pike will usually bite earlier than the other species and also give a good satisfying fight.

There are also small mouth bass aplenty in sunset country. They seem to gather in the early spring months in places like rocky banks, bluffs, flats and also at junctions of major bodies of water [main points] where they feed on baitfish attracted to the points. Steep banks like rocky bluffs are a good place to fish for bass. Use suspending jerk baits and crank baits. Use the technique of jerk, jerk, and pause for best results. Large wooded flats are also good bass fishing spots where you should use jerk baits, plastic jerk baits and spinner baits.

For lake trout fishing, sunset country is a good place. The hotter parts of a day are best for lake trout fishing. Whenever you use live bait, also use gang hooks which is the best way to present live bait like live worms. Size no 8 or size no 10 gang hooks are ideal sizes, which enable you to present live bait such as worms in a natural an outstretched manner.

All in all, sunset country is a must visit for any lover of wilderness, adventure, nature and especially the angler. You will find plenty to like there in Northwest Ontario .


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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