Bass fishing in Northwestern Ontario

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5lb Ontario Smallmouth Bass










Fishing is the act of catching fishes. Fishing for leisure, sport and relaxation is known as sport fishing or angling, Angling is derived from "angel", an old English word that means “fishhook”.

Bass fishing is among the most well liked fishing sports, which can be experienced in our times. The bass family of fish, which include Largemouth, Smallmouth, Striped, Spotted, white and black bass serve to reward countless numbers of anglers every season. Bass fishing is very popular and is a multi-million dollar industry. There are even boats in the market which are specifically intended for bass fishing.

Ontario provides some of the most excellent fishing grounds in the world. Whether you are visiting Algoma country, Gogama, Sudbury or Nestor falls, there is sure to be plenty of fishing action taking place at any given moment during open season. The summer season traditionally opens in the month of May and usually ends in late September. At this time, many anglers head for Ontario to fish for Walleye, Musky, and Northern Pike in addition to Bass. The wide variety of fish which are found within Ontario’s borders helps in preserving it as an extremely popular destination for sport fishermen. The fame of the tourism and fishing industry of Ontario creates many wonderful opportunities but is also a problem when it comes to the protection of the province's resources and more and more anglers and outfitters endorse CPR Catch, Photo and Release fishing. The region of Northwestern Ontario is famous for constantly offering a healthy fishery of Smallmouth Bass . You will obtain great enjoyment from the adventure as well with the experiences of hooking into hard fighting Northern Pike and Muskie , the tasty Walleye or the Yellow Perch. The beautiful, clean and scenic lakes offer great fishing in spring, summer, and fall seasons. You can grasp your limit on most days and even when there is a slowdown in the fishing, the loveliness of Ontario’s wilderness is a very remarkable experience by itself. You can fish for Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch and Lake Trout in Northwest Ontario.

Bass is an ordinary name, which is used for many types of food fish, but is not necessarily equivalent to a specific scientific classification. A number of basses are known by local names as white, rock or black bass.

The calico bass, which is also known as black crappie, originates from the area of the Great Lakes system and is native throughout the eastern half of Canada, and has recently been widely introduced to the western regions. It reaches lengths of up to 36 cm or 14in and rarely weighs above 0.2 kg or 1/2lb. The rock bass doesn't usually exceed that weight and isn't a good food fish. The rock bass can be found in Ontario and it is native to the great lakes system and many of its rivers and smaller lake systems.

Black basses are the most essential basses among the bass family. Largemouth black bass which are also called bayou, lake or straw bass are plentiful in many lakes of northwest Ontario and can weigh up to 3 kg or 7 lb. Smallmouth black bass resemble the largemouth bass but have a few character differences. Smallmouth bass can be found in the great lakes system, the St Lawrence River and up into the Hudson Bay basin. About 2-3 kg or 5-6 lb is usually the common weight they reach. Smallies or Smallmouth Bass are commonly known as "little fighters" and are very enjoyable to catch!

Smallmouth bass are the pluckiest fish pound for pound in Northwest Ontario. In sunset country in areas like the waters around Sioux Lookout there are plenty of these energetic fighters just waiting to grab your bait and then provide you with lots of action. The amazing number of Smallmouth Bass in Sunset Country makes it one of Ontario’s and also Canada’s prime bass fishing locations. Moreover, many lakes offer plenty of largemouth bass as well, which make this region a must visit location for serious angler's. With around 70,000 lakes , there are many excellent fishing holes for people to choose from.

These fish usually spawn over a 6-10 day period in early summer and late spring. Growth is initially rapid. Ask your outfitter for various tips on the best time and places to bass fish at their location and your lodge owner and guides will only be more than happy to put you into the path of one of the most rewarding fish to catch.


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