Northern Pike

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Northern Pike Species


One of the most abundant and common sportfish in Ontario the mighty Northern Pike is a favorite among most anglers. Powerful, fast and streamlined, pike will demolish a lure and head for the weeds. Noted for their great fight its not hard to see why pike rank among the top 3 Ontario gamefish.


Pike weighing in at 30lbs or more are common in most northern areas of the province and 3-7 pounders are caught on a consistent basis by many fishermen. The Ontario record for Northern Pike is reported at 42.2 lbs.

A pikes favorite habitat is around lily pads and weeds where its colour makes for great camo while ambushing smaller fish and prey.

Fall/Autumn is the premier time for pike fishing in Ontario, not just for solid pike landings but for the sheer beauty of the landscape.

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