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Ontario is diverse and stunning in its seasonal glory. No matter the season you will find an exceptional fly in fishing adventure in Ontario. Spring, summer and autumn fishing among the thousands of lakes and rivers are one of the many reasons to visit. Just image basking in the sun on a remote lake or river system catching your limit in minutes and not in the hours you are used too.
With so many northern resorts and lodges to choose from you can rest easy knowing that all of them are of the highest quality even in the most remote locations and are eager to get you on your trophy fishing vacation quickly.

Some of the best fly in fishing in Canada is found here in the province of Ontario. There are many lodges, resorts and outfitters you can choose from. The hardest part is choosing where your next adventure will be. So what’s so great about fly in fishing and remote outpost camps? Simple really; unspoiled fishing waters.

Outpost fishing is truly the gem of the Ontario north. Just imagine pulling up to a hundred walleye into your boat on any given day and battle huge northern pike that will get your adrenaline pumping and exhaust your strength in no time. You’ve decided at last that you’re going to take that fishing trip you’ve always dreamed about but there are a few things you’ll need to think over first.

You may want to get away from everything by yourself or with a group of friends. There are so many beautiful places for fly in fishing! Northern Western and North Central Ontario has some truly astounding fly in fishing locations, as do the Great Lakes region and North Eastern Ontario. You’ll have the advantage of fishing some of the best streams, rivers and lakes while remaining only a short flight by float plane to civilization.

If you’re the adventurous type, perhaps you’d like to try a remote camp outpost. Many anglers favor Ontario for its isolated, pristine wilderness and abundance of healthy game. There are lodges and camps in northern Ontario that can only be reached by air, making them ideal for fly-fishing. Outposts are ideal for such a trip and most of them have guides available to steer you towards the best spots. There are even fly in outfitters that fly you into the wilderness, settle you in a cabin and then leave you there to enjoy the great fishing with a weekly visit to ensure all is well!

If you do decide to book a lodge for your trip you have great options from expert and professional operators that can accommodate your every need. Different operators offer different packages, plans, weight restrictions so do a little homework when deciding what is best for you and your budget.

You may want to work in a few other things along with your trip, fishing near family or old friends you rarely see. This is a great opportunity for both.

You may decide to rough it and camp out. Camping is a great way to enjoy fishing and the outdoors but don’t forget to have each member of your party leave an itinerary and detailed directions with someone reliable. Be sure you don’t forget an emergency kit and extra batteries!

With a little planning and foresight, you can have a great fishing trip and perhaps you’ll even photograph an impressive trophy to show off.


This article was written by the
contributing staff of OFT and its
group of amateur and pro Ontario anglers.

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