Algoma Country - Rich in History...And Fish

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North of Lake Superior old meets new when travelling through the breathtaking areas of North Eastern Ontario’s Algoma Country.  Lying directly north of the American States of Michigan and Wisconsin many travelers use the city of Sault Ste. Marie as their starting point. Driving northbound on Hwy#17 along the shores of Lake Superior the view is nothing short of stunning. With the big open water of Superiors' shores the bays of history reminds us of those past fur traders who traversed these waters in open canoes.

Rustic beaches combined with its tranquil beauty make this a great drive for those heading farther north to Algoma’s popular fishing lodges and resorts.  True Canadian scenery is at your footsteps as you pass through Lake Superior National Park towards the next town of Wawa.

Once passing through Lake Superior national park many anglers seek destinations along Hwy#101 and the many lakes and lodges it sports. Abundant in Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish and Yellow Perch you won’t run out of fishing adventures with so many easily accessible lakes and rivers at your disposal.  Trophy streams and rivers such as the Michipicoten River and Shikwamkwa River offer the fly angler chances at landing beautiful Brook Trout while lakes such as Whitefish Lake, Manitowik Lake, Kinniwabi Lake and Chartrand Lake offer hundreds of miles of opportunities for big trophy fish by boat or simply from shore. Many lodges and resorts are equipped with boats just for fishing and exploring the many lakes within close proximity of each other is another great way of maximizing your experience in NorthCentral Ontario .

Historic references and sights are seen throughout Algoma country and many land owners occupy acres originally obtained during the 1860’s peace treaty by Queen Victoria and the Ojibway Indians. Take for instance Totomenai Lodge . Named after Chief Totomenai he relinquished all of his land save for a small piece at the mouth of the Micipicoten River and Lake Superior. A shrewd business man and keen of the gains to be made he charged safe passage levies to fur traders and adventurers who travelled along the Voyageur Canoe Route hunting, trapping and exploring this vast land.

Crisp cool waters wait as you unpack and slowly unwind from your daily grind to find outfitters ready to take you on adventures of a lifetime. Tale tales and bragging rights are sure to be the order of the day once you’ve spent time fishing or hunting in Algoma country.

Many fishing resorts and lodges in the region are basked in early history dating back to those who explored and discovered Ontario.  Take a moment after your action packed day on the water to ask your lodge and resort operator of some of the history in their region.  You’ll be happy you did knowing that maybe, just maybe an early adventurer caught a fish in exactly the same spot you did that very day only 150 years ago. 


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