West Can Be Best – On Lake Nipissing

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Lake Nipissing West Arm Fishing

Go west young man the old timer stated as he checked his line and leader before heading out on an early morning fishing adventure on one of Ontario’s most productive lakes. Lake Nipissing located in Ontario’s near north provides unlimited angling potential and it’s no wonder. This lake is huge. Originating from the Algonquin name this is definitely ‘big water’ country. Over 330 square miles gives this water body the distinction of being the provinces fifth largest and sustains a fishery that is world class and second to none.

Conveniently located within a 3-4 hour drive from the bustling southern metropolitan centers the Lake Nipissing area continues to thrive as a first choice for many anglers and their families and many are known as return visitors. Access to this remarkable water body is provided by provincial highways which are mostly double lane and for the most part free of congestion.

The city of North Bay continues to grow boasting a population of well over 50,000 inhabitants. Located on the eastern side of the lake North Bay is accessed by Hwy#11 to the south, Hwy #17 to the north west and Hwy#63 to the east providing fast and easy access to just about every amenity required while visiting the area.

Following the Trans Canada Highway #17 westward one is fully engulfed in the beauty of the northern boreal forest with its rustic beauty and big open skies. Continuing westward we discover the oldest community in the Nipissing area Sturgeon Falls.  A rich culture rings loud and clear in these communities dating all the way back to the fur trade. Continuing onward connecting south on Hwy#64 there are numerous angling outfitters dotting the coastline as we reach the hamlets of Verner and Lavigne.

A rich angling history in this region is passed on to its visitors with many lodges and outfitters sporting city like accommodations, wide and stable fishing boats and pristine sandy beaches. For the angler Lake Nipissing does not disappoint. Home to over 40 different fish species this fishery continues to thrive. With more and more anglers practicing the C.P.R. Catch, Photo, Release methods and angling education taken to new levels the fishing in this area is just outstanding. New Ministry of Natural Resources regulations govern fish species slot sizes which ensure future anglers will experience a trip of a lifetime. Popular fish species on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing continue to be Walleye, Northern Pike, Musky and Smallmouth Bass. Lodge resorts and owners such as West Nipissing Resort offer great opportunities and great equipment to get you quickly out into the hotspots to chase down your favorite fish.

A relatively shallow lake with deeper tributaries it allows a thriving mix of fish to inhabit its waters. In warmer months larger predators like the Northern Pike will occupy shallow weed beds while lying in wait to ambush an unsuspecting prey. Meanwhile, fish such as Walleye with head to deeper waters chasing baitfish and travelling in schools. Large Musky are also home to these waters and can be found patrolling weed beds, break lines and drop-offs in search of an easy meal.

Discovering the Western Arm of Lake Nipissing has never been easier and more enjoyable with its great location to Southern Ontario and the United States as well as its quality of fish and outfitters.


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