Squeers Lake Winter Fishery 2008

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March 22 to 30, 2008
This is an application to participate in the 2008 controlled fishery on Squeers Lake. You are invited to apply for a party of up to 4 people. Select the best fishing day for your group. If too many people apply for any single day, we will use a lottery to reduce the number of fishermen.
The following rules and conditions apply to this fishery:
1.   Applications may be for 1 to 4 anglers. A person’s name can appear only on one application form. We will be allowing substitutions but at least one original applicant must be present. If you have substitutions be prepared for longer check-in time. Please make sure names are printed in full and are legible.
2.   It is illegal to fish until you have been issued a “Scientific Collection Permit”. All anglers must sign-in at our Check Station upon arrival at the lake. It is only legal to fish Squeers Lake on the date that your permit is issued for. We will begin issuing permits at the lake at 8:30 a.m. and they will be valid until 6:00 p.m. at which time you must return to the Check Station.
3.   A fishing diary must be completed by each angler during the course of the fishing day. Each angler will record their fishing location, time fished, method, number of fish caught and released.
4.   Fishing regulations for Squeers Lake: Bag Limit – 5 lake trout per angler (an increase of 2 fish) and 1 pike (no size restrictions); Number of lines – 2 per angler – 4 hooks per line. A fishing licence is not required for this fishery. The “Scientific Collection Permit” issued at the lake is your fishing licence. Note: The limit increase will hopefully enable us to reach the original harvest objective of this fishery.
5.   All anglers must check out with MNR staff at the end of the fishing day to return their completed fishing diary and to allow the staff to conduct biological sampling on all fish caught. Diaries must be completed even if fish are not harvested.
6.   Access to Squeers Lake is by a marked trail, which may be walked, skied or snow machined. Walking time is approximately 25 minutes (1.3 km from parking area to check station on the lake).
7.   The Motorized Snow Vehicles Act states that all drivers of snow machines / ATV’s must be insured and all drivers and passengers must wear safety helmets. The registration number must be properly displayed on the vehicle.
8.      Anglers participate in this program entirely at their own risk. It is a violation to consume alcoholic beverages while attending the fishery.
9.      There are no washroom facilities available to the public at Squeers Lake so be prepared to rough it.
Applications must be received at the MNR Office by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2008. Applications can be faxed to our MNR office at (807) 939-1841.
The contact person (first name on the application) will be notified by mail after Feb 25, 2008. For inquiries contact Jon George, MNR (807)939-3113.  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Modifications to the fishery in 2008

-         From 3 lake trout to 5.
-         Substitutions (up to 3 substitutions allowed providing one original member is retained)
Once again the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR), Northwest Science and Information Branch is holding its Squeers Lake Winter Fishery. This will be the 24th year for this annual event.
 The purpose of this study is to determine the allowable harvest of lake trout from plankton feeding lake trout communities like Squeers Lake. Approximately 40 % of the lake trout lakes in Ontario represent this community type, therefore making this research extremely valuable for provincial management of coldwater fish communities.
Since the controlled winter fishery began the adult lake trout population has declined by approximately 70% (9500 to 3000 adults). The majority of the lake trout harvested from Squeers Lake are immature with only 15 % been adults. This has enabled the quality of the lake trout fishery (numbers caught and size) to remained relatively constant throughout the twenty three years. Presently, we are harvesting 2.0 kg/ha during the winter fishery. Starting in 2008, we would like to increase this harvest by 50% to 3.0 kg/ ha. This higher harvest would then be assessed to determine if it is sustainable. For the 2008 fishery we are increasing the limit from 3 to 5 and allowing substitutions.
The Squeers Lake winter fishery allows anglers and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to work together in a science collection partnership. The anglers are given the opportunity to fish this sanctuary lake after the regular season is over, retain a limit of 5 lake trout and enjoy the warmer weather of March. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources collects biological data that will be used to help Manage similar type fish communities in North Western Ontario lakes.
This year the fishery will run from Saturday March 22 to Sunday March 30, 2008. Anglers apply, by application, for one of the nine days the fishery is open.
Applications will be available from Friday January 4 to Friday February 15, 2008 at the following locations:
MNR Office 25th Side Rd., Thunder Bay
Canadian Tire Stores in Thunder Bay
Walmart (Thunder Bay)
Gear up for Outdoors (Thunder Bay)
Sunshine Baits (Westfort)
D and R Sporting Goods (Thunder Bay)
Sleeping Giant Taxidermy (Thunder Bay)
Blackfoot Minnows and Bait (Thunder Bay)
Larry’s Village Bait Shop (Kababeka Falls)
Timberland Restaurant and Motel (Shabaqua)
Chris’ Baits (Dawson Road, Thunder Bay)
Wiggley Bait’s (Dawson Road, Thunder Bay)
Up to four anglers can be listed per application. The first name on the application will be the crew leader. The leader will receive a letter during the first week of March indicating whether they have been randomly selected to take part in the fishery. Angler substitutions will be allowed this year, providing that one of the original applicants arrives at the lake. All anglers are required to go through a Check Station when they reach the lake. They will receive a Scientific Collectors Permit that allows them to fish for the day and retain their limit without an Ontario Sport Fishing License. The Squeers Lake harvest limit for lake trout will be 5 and 1 northern pike (no size restriction).
Following the days fishing, anglers must return to the check station where their fish are biologically sampled and cleaned by MNR Fisheries Specialists. Coffee/hot chocolate and cookies will be available, compliments of the OMNR.

If there are any questions regarding the 2008 controlled winter fishery please call Jon George, Senior Operations Specialist at the Ministry of Natural Resources Science and Information Branch (807) 939-3113 or E- Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it





Complete and return to:


Ministry of Natural Resources

Northwest Science and Information

R.R. #1, 25th Side Road

Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7C 4T9

Fax Number (807) 939-1841


Before 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2008


 (Please print full names and addresses clearly)


1.       Name: _______________________________________________
          Address: _____________________________________________
          Postal Code: __________________________________________
          Phone:        Res: _______________________________________
                             Bus: _______________________________________
2.       Name: _______________________________________________
3.       Name: _______________________________________________
4.       Name: _______________________________________________
Circle which day you would like to fish on: (Circle One Only)
SAT.    SUN.    MON.    TUES.            WED.    THURS.    FRI.    SAT.   SUN.
 22         23          24          25           26            27           28       29        30
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