Ontario Bass Tips and Techniques

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In Ontario Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass can be found in many of the freshwater lakes, rivers, swamps and marshes. Most of these have shallow water. Ideal areas include lakes with significant weed growth offering great cover. Bass also prefer bottom-water traits such as silt, mud, scattered sand patches, rocks or gravel. Ontario lakes are teeming with baitfish such as perch, sunfish, shiners and coarse fish ready to be food for hungry bass.

Largemouth bass can be found in various locations throughout the year. Shallow bays and coves are a favorite for bass because they warm much faster than main lake bodies. Areas with new weed growth also offer excellent sanctuary for bass because of the availability of water cabbage and contrail.

Catching Largemouth and Smallmouth bass can be a challenge if one is not schooled in the right techniques. There are two basic techniques used by the guides, namely drifting and pulling.


This is a method of choice if the area being fished is extensive. It is good for finding fish as well as catching them. Drifting has been hailed as the best method so far and most efficient of all when it comes to catching Largemouth and smallmouth bass. It is also ideal for shallow lakes.

Pulling entails trawling the shiner along a grass line using the trawler that is run by a motor. Pulling involves towing the free lining the shiner behind the boat. This may or may not use a float. This method becomes a little tricky when one has to deal with the grass. It is recommended not to jerk when you feel the shiner starting to get wrapped around the grass.

The Smallmouth Bass is a slender, jumpy fish, which is extremely aggressive when caught. The Smallmouth Bass feeds mostly on fish, crustaceans, aquatic and terrestrial insects and is found in large numbers in open waters areas unlike the largemouth bass.

Tips and Techniques
Popular lures and fishing techniques for the largemouth bass and the smallmouth bass are also somewhat similar. One can use soft plastic lures such as tubes, power worms or grubs. These are extremely effective and are a favorite among Ontario anglers.

Another technique that is very effective is burning classic spinner baits through a variety of depths. This is enhanced by adjusting the weight and blade style of the spinner bait to reflect the depth of water. 

Also, since the most obvious spots to fish are rock shoals and drop off points a depth finder is invaluable in finding the best structure and also navigating in deeper water where the concentration of feeder fish is more abundant.


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