Northerns in Northern Ontario

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Northern Ontario Pike

Northern Ontario Pike Fishing

The Northern pike, one of the most exciting fish in Northern Ontario, can be found in almost any lake in Northwestern Ontario. The Pike is a carnivorous olive-colored breed with yellow coloration or sometimes white along its belly. The Pike preys on other smaller fish in weedy parts of the water. It is easily distinguishable because of its spots on its fins, long sleek body and razor sharp teeth.

The average pike can weight 6-8 pounds but coming across pike as heavy as 30 pounds is not uncommon in many Ontario lakes. Northern pike can be found in weedy bays, estuaries and shoals as spring and summer habitat. During cool autumn days pike are most likely to seek deeper water. Pike are aggressive feeders through spring, summer and fall and continue to be caught through the ice during the winter months. Pike will take just about every kind of live and artificial bait, such as spoons; bucktail spinners; crank baits; top water lures; spinner baits; and buzz baits.


Pike are common in the many lakes in Ontario and they favor rocky areas near an edge or drop off. They can also be found near weed lines because this is where there is food in abundance with a variety of bait fish to prey on.

Seasonal Activity

Northern Pike begin their feeding frenzy in spring and this is the time there is a lot of fishing activity. Anglers spot medium to heavy action 6-7 foot rods with spinning or bait casting reels for maximum effect when fishing for Northern Pike. The Pike has sharp teeth and so having the proper bait and reel is important. For best results, many pike anglers choose braided lines of 20-30 pound coupled with steel, fluorocarbon or titanium leaders. Anglers prefer to cast their baits in shallow water and keep them moving fast and in an irregular manner  Pike fight hard and it is essential to clutch the lure tightly and ensuring that you have the proper amount of drag on your fishing reel set accordingly.

During summer Pike will be found in weedy areas as they seek shade with some even venturing into deeper waters. They also prefer weedy sections of the water because this is where they ambush their prey.
According to expert anglers, the best time to catch Pike is during the fall months when they are preparing for the arrival of winter.  


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