North Eastern Ontario Lakes and Lodges - Popular Fishing Getaway Retreats

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North Eastern Ontario Fishing Lodge Dock On A Pristine Lake

The Northeastern Ontario Lakes and Lodges are divided into four main regions, namely, north, east, central and south, all of which attract droves of fishermen each year for ice fishing.
The lodges on Northeastern Ontario Lakes offer the finest in accommodation from a wide range of resorts, lodges and cottages. There is also an abundance of game fish namely northern pike, muskellunge, large and smallmouth bass and trout. Here is an overview of some of our favorite Northeastern Ontario Lakes and Lodges and the ammenities and adventures they offer for anglers as well as family fishing trips.

The northeastern part of Ontario is well-known for its lakes which are teeming with muskie, walleye, lake trout, northern pike, and bass and these attract ice fishermen from far and wide. There are various famous lodges found in the northeastern Ontario lakes:

Andorra Lodge

Located in the heartland of the Temagami region, this lodge offers some of the best canoeing experiences in all of Ontario. The variety of adventurous terrain is outstanding; from winding rivers to granite cliffs ideal for rock-climbing. This is just the place for a memorable family fishing vacation.

The Lodge at Pine Cove

This secluded lodge is perfect for a private cottage getaway. It was designed by famous architect Ned Baldwin and also employed craftsman Robert Wubben, The Lodge sits on the banks of the French River , a vast water system of lakes, rapids, bays and wilderness encompassed within a Provincial Park, just a few hours’ drive from Toronto. Meticulously created art adorns the cathedral-like ceilings and wonderful very private waterside cottages with romantic views.

Famous for above average lake trout and huge northern pike, this area also attracts no less than its northern counterpart as far as ice fishermen. Other Lodges and resorts found in this area include:

Makokibatan Lodge

This is a four-star fishing lodge located an estimated 90-mile float plane ride from no-man’s land. This usually enhances the experience of having to take-off and land using a float plane and this attracts droves of vacationers.. Makokibatan Lodge is teeming with amazing numbers of walleye and northern pike fish. The Makokibatan Lodge offers a guided trip on the Albany River itself which makes it even the more attractive to vacationers and fishermen. The six-star guest rooms are luxurious and offer spacious dining with a view of the lake. Scenic sunsets overlooking beautiful Makokibatan Lake enhance the experience and are a ideal pick for a romantic getaway.

Five Mile Lake Lodge

If you are attracted to the wilderness and would like to enjoy plenty of cross-country beauty, the Five Mile Lake Lodge is the place for you. The spot has an excellent fishing and natural lake in the heart of the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Northern Ontario. The lake approximately 8 miles long, with a shoreline in excess of 37 miles. The lake consists of many arms, bays and quiet inlets where the water just right for fishing.


Experience the North 


Home to countless lakes and rivers the northern expanse of Ontario offers endless possibilities for the angler looking for that remote fly in, housekeeping cottage, american plan resort, 5 star accomodations or simply roughing it in the wilderness with your buddies or family.


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