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Ontario Fishing Trips, Resorts, Lodges, Fly Ins, Camps and Outfitters

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Welcome to Ontario Fish Trips and the land of a thousand freshwater lakes. Ontario Canada is world renowned for its large and abundant variety of gamefish and first class lodging. Discover with us hundreds of possibilites when planning your next sportfishing and recreational angling adventure. Choose from our first class resorts, lodges, outfitters, guides, fly ins' and cottage rentals to make your fishing adventure a memorable one. **
Ontario Fishing Lake
If one asks about fishing, Ontario may be the first to strike your mind, and why not? Ontario deserves to be classified as one of the greatest freshwater fishing destinations in the world. Located in the heart of Canada, it is well known all over the world for its world class fishing trips. In fact the word “Ontario” has taken its name from the Huron Indian word ‘ontario:io’ or “great lake” and some historians even say it came from the Iroquoian word ‘skanadrio’ meaning ‘beautiful water’. Combining both of these ancient terms in modern times you get “Great Lake Beautiful Water” which is nothing short of the truth when it comes to describing Ontario’s fishing destinations. Justifying its name Ontario boasts more the 250,000 lakes and will keep every angler spell-bound with the opportunities and beauty it offers. Many popular fishing lakes in the province are Lake Nipissing, Lake Simcoe, Lake of the Woods, Nestor Falls, Alton Lake, Big Pine Lake, Biscotasi Lake, Brebeuf Lake, Dua Lake, Eagle Lake, Georgian Bay, Indian Lake, Joyce Lake, Kennedy Lake, Lac Seul, English River System, Little Bear Lake, Little Vermillion Lake, Macsmith Lake, Mattagami Lake, McLennan Lake, Minnitaki Lake, Otterpelt Lake, Rice Lake, Scotia Lake, Tomiko Lake, Trout Lake, West Shining Tree Lake, Whitefish Lake, Red Lake, Trout Lake, Joyce Lake, Abram Lake, Dinorwic Lake, Wabigoon River, Sharbot Lake just to name a few of the thousands of lakes, rivers, streams and ponds that make Ontario fishing the world class leader in freshwater destinations.

Home to one of the largest populations and varieties of gamefish in North America, Ontario is home to many different families of gamefish such as Northern Pike, Muskellunge (Muskie), Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Brook/Speckled Trout, Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Salmon and many others.

Ontario's extensive accommodation and lodge providers can surpass the expectations of the most demanding angler. Searching for and outpost on a remote lake teeming with gamefish or a 5 star resort with all the amenities of home? Ontario's resort, lodge and cottage owners can cater to every demand and will make every fishing trip memorable even for short weekend trips. It's always a great experience.

Ontario Bug Reports
Ontario's large selection of freshwater gamefish is among the best in the Northern hemisphere and also sports some saltwater species in northern locations such as Hudson and James Bay. Explore the near north or simply find a great place only hours from some of the major cities in the province. Ontario is a year round fishing playground and comes to life when our thousands of lakes and rivers freeze over and the 'hard water' or ice fishing season opens. There are an abundant amount of ice fishing operators across the province that provide world class ice fishing outings and accommodations during the winter season.
Open Season Smallmouth Bass

Experience the best Canadian Fly In Fishing , ultimate walleye fishing, Canadian fishing lodges and guided Ontario fishing tours sure to exceed all of your expectations.

Discover what makes Ontario fishing the best in the world. Choose from our world class fly in lodges, housekeeping lodges, fully catered American Plan Lodges, cottages and resorts which cater to anglers from around the world.

Looking for something special or worried about gear when fishing in Ontario? Many of our partners offer custom solutions from tackle to complete sport fishing packages.

Variety is key and the options when selecting a fishing vacation or package from most operators across the province offer many standard Housekeeping Plans which are budget friendly and allow you to cook your own meals. Looking for something all inclusive? Many Lodge and Resort operators offer American Plans which include all of your meals, boat, gas and bait. Want to kick back and relax after an amazing day on the water? Most American Plans offer maid service and let you enjoy your stay without the daily room cleanup. Want to go where the fish are? Many outfitters offer guided services and their years of experience and knowledge of the lakes and rivers in the area will give you a greater chance of landing that trophy fish of a lifetime.You will not find a bigger selection of lakes, lodges and outfitters for planning your next Canada fishing trip.
Big Trophy Ontario Fish Big Fish Pictures From Around The Province

Enjoy our new online fish photo galley. See what's being caught from around the province with pictures submitted from all of our premium resort and lodge sponsors.

Check out some huge Northern Pike, massive Musky, delicious Walleye, scrappy Smallmouth, lunker Largemouth, impressive Lake Trout and many more!

Check back throughout the season and see the amazing Ontario fish that you could have caught!

Ontario Fishing

Experience True North Fishing With:

  • House Keeping Lodges and American Plans
  • Cottage and Boat Rentals
  • Guided or Unguided Services
  • The Best Equipment
  • Boats Designed for Fishing

Enjoy the pristine Ontario outdoors:

Ontario is known worldwide for its excellent sportfishing and Ontario FishTrip.Com is your gateway to experiencing the ultimate Canadian fishing vacation getaway. Our fishing partners only offer the finest adventures for anglers of all types. Our dedicated team of angling enthusiasts ensure that you are presented the greatest getaway offers throughout the entire fishing seasons in Ontario. Use our exhaustive resources to find the best in: 

  • Fly In Fishing 
  • Drive In Fishing
  • Train In Fishing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Big Game Fishing
  • Family Fishing

and much more!  

More then just a visit: 

Looking for a quick day on the water? It’s as simple as renting a boat from the thousands of outfitters and marinas across the province and before you know it you will be out casting a line on one of our splendid lakes and rivers. Most daily motor boat rentals are extremely reasonable and full or half day rentals are available from most outfitters. One can spend their quality time here indulged in fishing and variety of adventure trips like ice-fishing during the winter season and even remote lake fly in trips during the warmer months.

Ontario is a place of great diversity both environmentally and culturally. When it comes to travel and accommodation, one need not to worry as the provincial capital Toronto is well connected to different parts of world and is a hub for most major Canadian and American airlines. Accommodations for your next fishing trip can range from a modestly priced cottage to five star resorts catering to every whim even while out in the middle of a lake. Various tourist camps, lodges, fly ins and resorts are here to let you experience the ease of living and finer side of angling. Thousands of freshwater lakes give anglers the best chance for the most fish species and the most fish in Canada. You can enjoy many of the luxuries of home with the remote Ontario wilderness right at your doorstep. Various services provided by Ontario fishing lodges and resorts may include telephone service, high speed internet, travel and guide assistance and much more.

Looking for something to keep the family happy as well as the hard core angler? Family friendly accommodations catering to everyone will help you find the finest wines, beauty spas, long menus of fine food, golfing, skating, children’s activities and more. Apart from fishing, you can also relax savoring the beauty of fresh water lakes and a romantic sunset with that special someone. It feels like heaven to be in Ontario. You are guaranteed to forget all of your troubles once you set foot here and will not stop praising its beauty and grandeur.

A visit to an Ontario fishing camp is more than just a trip. Enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of this serene land with its pure environment, clean air, unpolluted waters, wildlife abundance, solitude and quality time with you and your family and friends. Thanks for visiting Ontario Fish We hope you enjoy 'tight lines' on your next Ontario Canada fishing trip adventure.

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